Choosing A Trustworthy Mover


Gone are the days when moving entailed weeks or months of packing and unpacking. With the establishment of moving companies, homeowners can now sit back and get the hard work done for them as they wait to enjoy their new homes. However, how do you choose a moving company? How do you know who is better regarding services and offers? The following pointers will help you and your loved ones during your next moving trip.


The best way to hire a moving company is to get referrals from friends and family on the various Sarasota moving companies they have used before. This way you get a list of options that you can choose from in terms of comparing their services and prices. Also, a referral boosts your confidence in the company since you get to know their capabilities. If you don’t get a referral from loved ones, the internet is more than willing to help you out. Go visit moving sites and get online reviews on different companies.


Company details

It is advisable for an individual to have at least three moving companies at hand. The mover can then proceed to scrutinize the credentials of each company before arriving at their most preferred company. For starters, do a background check on each company on their websites to get an overview of what they do. Verify whether the company is a member of any movers’ association if applicable. Such membership could boost your confidence in the company and give you a fallback plan in case anything goes wrong. Verify whether the company is blacklisted on credible consumer advocacy sites.

Verify whether each of the companies is licensed under the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from where you can get their US DOT number. The number is important if the homeowner wants to make a claim against the company later. Ensure the company is insured to have your household items in safe hands.


Get an estimate

It is extremely essential to get an estimate of the overall cost of moving. The home-owner should invite one or two of the trustworthy Sarasota moving companies to their home to get an estimate of the moving process. Movers estimate costs with regards to the weight of the items and the distance traveled. The homeowner should make sure the movers see all the items that will be moved from the kitchen, living room, attic, basement, lawn, and other areas of the house. This way, all the elements will be accounted for to avoid additional costs on the day of moving.

The homeowner should request for a written estimate to avoid getting additional costs later. The home-owner should compare the estimates from the companies. Extremely low prices could indicate missing services while extremely high costs could indicate an overcharge on certain services. The home-owner should be confident and comfortable with the pricing they choose.

When you pick your most preferred moving company, make sure both parties stick to the agreed terms and conditions for a stress-free moving experience.