New Laser Printer Tech Tool Released


Metrofuser is an organization that manufactures laser printer parts. It has impacted the network by presenting a mechanism for the technical review of printers online aimed at all entrepreneurs, businesses and industries that provide printer services, the mechanism is none other than a powerful tool that has the peculiarity of being free and also oriented to the technical evaluation of these printing devices online. Laser Valley Technologies, a company that specializes in printer repair in Richmond and surrounding areas, has come to realize that this technology is very beneficial for assessing issues with their clients printers.

The tool that has been called The HP Printer Service Pro Challenge by this printer repair Richmond company, is being used in different ways according to the requirements and expectations they pursue.

It is a test that consists of twenty-two questions and serves to the printer repair Richmond specialists in technical maintenance of these printers to have a pattern to apply comparisons with respect to other technicians of the same HP printing equipment throughout the national territory.

Apart from being able to investigate the capabilities of the technical staff they currently have, Laser Valley Technologies are using it to determine the capabilities, aptitudes and skills of potential workers in this technical area, i.e. anyone who aspires to be part of the printer repair Richmond technical staff groups.

The way in which the items were selected and designed was based on forty thousand technical support calls and the sixteen years of Metrofuser providing education and training with standards of excellence in the branch of printer services.

Likewise, the items evaluated before their inclusion in the questionnaire by two people with super knowledge of the industry with techsixty years of combined experience in this area.

Challenge Printer Service Pro examines capacities, abilities and skills in very important and key areas such as the following; Error Code Familiarity, Solution of problems of image defects, Skills of diagnosis of paper jams, Knowledge of the printer network, Understanding of the color printer and Solution of firmware problems.

For users with passing grades received, certificates are shareable and downloadable and available immediately online. The results are handled with absolute confidentiality and are shared only with the participants.

To perform the famous online test, Metrofuser has provided this link where you can enter to access the test.

Metrofuser is a world leader in printer parts and innovation, repair information, diagnostics and system solutions for professionals performing complicated activities. Services and products include parts that integrate hp printers and repair training. Parts integrate include hp printer parts, such as fusers, maintenance kits and a variety of spare parts. This organization’s customers include online retailers, office equipment dealers, repair shops and service providers nationwide. This company has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the market today by Inc. magazine for several consecutive years, to the point of naming it as a startup organization.