Windshield Regulations You May Not Know About

The windshield is an extremely essential part of any automobile. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to get your windshield replaced as soon as it develops fault. This not only ensures that the vehicle is in order but also see to it that the safety of the driver and people inside the vehicle is assured.

Although majorities of car manufacturing industries make use of safety glass to guarantee more safety, there was no regulations guiding the choice and the quality of glasses used. The first of that regulation was initiated in the year 1963. This was when a lawyer, Ralph Nader and consumer advocate released a book he named “Unsafe at Any Speed”.

Although his book was not directed specifically to the auto windshields, it made people become more aware and more conscious of the fact that a lot of producers of automobiles make use of designs that compromised on safety and concentrated more on the visual appeal and comfort.

The analysis and research of this lawyer led to the formation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) inNHTSA 1970 by the US government. The NHTSA formulated laws that stipulated the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition to the other regulations by this institution, there is also a regulation guiding auto windshields standards. It included the standards that guided how sturdy the glass should be. The law also requires the glass to be strong enough to house the occupants of a motor vehicle during accidents.

It stipulates special standards that must be followed for installation to ensure that it retains a high level of vigor especially during any form of accident.

Currently, there are a lot of auto glass safety companies that specialize in providing companies that deals with vehicle information that ensures that they stick to windshield Replacement Regulations. They also exist to let individual car owners know why it is essential to get their get it replaced to ensure their safety.

Auto glass installers, thus, are required to be registered with the Independent Glass Association (IGA) to get extra training and certificate to prove their proficiency in auto glass installation. Such professionals are also trained in the auto windshield regulations update to ensure they keep abreast with the recent happenings in auto glass safe industry and technology.

AGSCA different organization known as the Auto Glass Safety Council was formulated in the later part of 1990’s. Auto Glass Safety Council converged together the producers of windshield and automobiles, companies that produce adhesives and dealers who specialized in auto glass retailing business to be particularly centered on consumer safety and to make use of a technology that ensures that the standard is maintained.

The Auto Glass substitute Safety Standard known as (AGRSS) was formulated in 1999 to guide usage and replacement. A good number of glass shops and installation companies who are concerned about the safety of consumers willingly get licensed by AGRSS.

Today, any auto glass specialized or shop that deals in auto glass is expected to get certified by the AGRSS to make certain the security of the consumers.

The most updated windshield repair regulations takes care of six important areas of auto glass that are essential in auto glass safety. These are:

· Systematic assessment of the vehicle condition which includes the vehicle frame, the way the glass is bonded to the frame, and the stipulation of the glass itself.

· Suitable choice of glass material and adhesives to ensure firm installation of the glass of the automobile within the frame of the car.

· Standards that must be followed for the auto glass to be bonded with adhesives

· Standards to be followed for automobile glass that is fixed with rubber gaskets, in addition to other conditions necessary for the appropriate of auto-glass in the automobile.

· Sporadic ongoing education which must be acquired by auto glass installers, shops that deal in auto glass and auto glass technicians.

· Regulations that stipulates the way auto goblet technicians, shops and installers must interact with auto glass consumersNWRA

There are many other organizations that take care of customer security plus auto glass-specialized training like the worldwide Automotive Glass Federation or nationwide Windshield Repair Association.

Whenever you are looking for a place to do windshield mend or substitution, you are better off hiring the services of company that has installers and technicians who are licensed and who could show evidence of obtaining further education on auto glass installation. If the damage to your windshield is minor, you may consider an auto glass repair but when the damage is grave, you may consider auto glass replacement.

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