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labiaplasty Melbourne  Labiaplasty clinics have seen a growing popularity for women who want to undergo the procedure to adjust the inner or outer labia. There’s a variety of reasons why women undergo such a procedure, from personal issues such as having a more “perfect” body to a more health-related issue such as when the labia is lower than the normal range, causing physical discomfort.

If you’re a woman living in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, then you’ll have no doubt to hear about one of the more famous clinics that specialize in a labiaplasty surgery – Dr. Ashley Labiaplasty Specialist.

 “Something large goes through that area, stretching it to Billy-o, so what happens is the labia gets stretched out. If they’re lucky it goes back to where it was, but it doesn’t really go back to where it was,” says Dr. Ashley Granot. “For many people, it is not of great material, but for some people? Maybe a husband says something? It feels different? It looks different?”

Dr. Ashley Labiaplasty SpecialistDr. Ashley Granot became one of the go-to doctors for the procedure, and in recent years, his name and his clinic became a well-known location in the plastic surgery scene. Even more so, Dr. Ashley Granot himself has been popping up not only in Australia but in the worldwide news.

So, what has Dr. Ashley done and contributed in the field of plastic surgery making his name associated with the best labiaplasty Melbourne services available in this particular area? And what makes him a recognizable name in the field of plastic surgery in Australia?

Dr. Ashley Granot spent much of his studies and training in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. He studied and trained for cosmetic surgery throughout the 1980s. And after 30 years, he has grown to be one of the more prominent figures in the medical field of cosmetic surgery such as liposuction and labiaplasty, performing procedures both surgical and non-surgical. He is known as a labiaplasty specialist to many.

In recent years, he has made some headlines worldwide. From performing surgeries to celebrities, or even performing successful liposuctions. Each successful surgery brought him and his clinic more and more into the spotlight. With each success story showing how far his skills have grown throughout the years. And while his liposuctions and facial surgeries are among his more popular choices, his labiaplasty surgery have become a growing popular choice for certain women throughout Melbourne and Australia.

At the end of the day, why should you choose to visit the Me Clinic labiaplasty Melbourne company of Dr. Ashley Granot? Well, labiaplasty in Melbourne has grown popularity in recent years thanks to word spreading far and wide with success stories of patients. Coupled with liposuction and some facial surgery, you can get the body you always wanted with just an appointed visit!

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