Get The Cleanest Floors Around

Most people would admit that laminate floors are a weird thing basing on the mere fact that it is more difficult to clean as compared to vinyl flooring or the solid hard floors. LamanatorPlus therefore has come up with state of the art products and equipment that would make cleaning laminate floors an easy task, even a kid can do it! Before cleaning your laminate floor however, you have to know the geography behind laminate floors, in order to understand why certain laminate floor cleaning options are either recommended or not.

The Laminate floors typically is composed of four layers. From the top to the bottom: the transparent”wear” layer; the image layer (this gives the impression of the stones or wood grain); the core layer (this is the thickest layer of the flooring); and finally the bottom, a moisture-resistant layer. You are probably wondering how all this is related with finding the best laminate floor cleaning solution, it has plenty.

Here are the 4 Cleaners you need to avoid due to the laminate floor’s thin”wear” layer and the cardboard-like core layer; you would probably not like to do any of these:

  • Leave standing water
  • Wet mop
  • Clean using any type of abrasive (even the remotely abrasive) cleaner
  • Use any soap-based cleaners

The 4 wow methods of cleaning your laminate floor; After that, what is left is pretty simple and would involve removing the debris and dirt with a dry, simple, and non-invasive methods like sweeping, before opting for the liquid-based cleaners, that is if necessary. You need to be careful though, since there is a higher possibility of over cleaning your laminate floor.

  • Sweep: when sweeping, use a clean, fine-bristled yet soft broom. This is used for indoors laminate-flooring-cleaningonly.
  • Vacuum: try to Vacuum out-of-the-way dirt using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Dry Mop: It is far much better to use a clean and dry towel or a dry mop over the regular sponge mop. Although it is not that essential, it is helpful to use a non-electrostatic head, more so if you are mopping in during weather conditions that do encourage static electricity.
  • Damp Mop: it is advisable to mop your laminate floors with LamanatorPlus products, and make sure to use a thoroughly rung-out damp mop.

After that, you might want to use LamanatorPlus restorer finish product on your floor, so go ahead and spray a light coat of the product on the floor and use a furnished microfiber pad to spread the coat evenly on the floor. Let the floor dry for approximately 35 minutes before applying the second coat of the restorer. The floor should therefore be ready to walk on after an hour from the time you applied the second coat, and about two hours to move furniture or heavy equipment over the floor.

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