Companies Give Bonuses To Recruit Nursing Staff

nurse-with-seniorWith a high demand for nurses in the US, more and more staffing service agencies are helping nurses not only find consistent and steady work, but also receive bonuses for taking a new position with a company, a hospital, or other medical facilities. In addition to the nurses who are hired being paid a bonus for the work they are going to do and for their service, staffing service agencies are also being paid bonuses by hospitals (and other medical establishments) in an effort to help find more, high-quality candidates for employment in the field of nursing.

There has always been a high demand for nurses; and, today there is an even greater demand due to the many diseases, ailments, and illnesses that are coming to the US from other regions of the world. With this said, hospitals, doctor offices, medical clinics, and other establishments do not have the manpower, nor do they have competent HR professionals to go out and to recruit new nurses to work for them. For this reason, they turn to staffing agencies and rely on their services, to find the best nurses, and to find more potential applicants to work for their company.

For both the staffing agency and for nurses in search of work, there is no better place to turn to staffing agencies like Priority Professional Group for assistance in finding employment. Stable staffing agencies can work out deals with hospitals for hefty signing bonuses.  There are hospitals willing to give nurses 5k to sign on and help with relocation services. Also, there are benefits offered to nurses ready to travel to hospitals in need. With more and more hospitals, doctors, and medical professionals relying on staffing service agencies, it is easier to find employment today, and it is easier to find higher pay and bonuses when you are hired as a new nurse.

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